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Sculptural Glass Chandelier in the Style of Chihuly

Sculptural Glass Chandelier in the Style of Chihuly

Price: $11,500

Sculptural hand blown multicolor glass chandelier in the manner of Dale Chihuly. Creatively shaped and hand-blown without a mold, each piece of glass is uniquely crafted for long-lasting beauty and use.

Spread: 34 Inches
Length: 35 Inches

ID #CZ-6816

ID #CZ-6816

Daniel Ortiz Chandelier

Daniel Ortiz Chandelier

Price: $3,750
Made in Spain.
Crystal and gold plated bronze.
Last one available in the USA.

Spread: 24 Inches
Length: 26 Inches

Bohemian Crystal Chandelier

Bohemian Crystal Chandelier

Price: $5250

Bohemian Crystal Chandelier.

Spread: 36 Inches
Length: 40 Inches

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